NowNext SEP

Skill Enhancement Program

What is NowNext SEP?

Are you looking to build a career on blogging or vlogging ? NowNext has been working with various educational and career-focused events and other ad-hoc events for a long time. We have conducted several career-oriented workshops and seminars to empower the young generation to build a better solid future themselves. Our recently conducted Media Seminar in Trivandrum was such a huge success. With over 30+ registered candidates, we conducted a two-day seminar with different topic-detailed sessions and expert guidance for the aspiring media students and other associated people.

This time, we are with a new Skill Enhancement Program (SEP) for professional, non-professional, or studying individuals where we will be focusing mainly solely on Blogging and Vlogging. ‘Blogging and Vlogging’ are few among the most common terms these days. From housewives to students, professionals to business tycoons, many people generate huge revenue out of it. Our workshop focuses on every phase of blogging and vlogging. We will guide you from scratch to building a money-making established portal. We got you covered in all aspects of blogging and vlogging, which includes the most basic steps to the advanced strategies, to win the game of search techniques.

What's Included?

A key to success for any writer is to have an online presence. Blogging is one popular way to showcase your expertise and—at the same time—build an author platform. Don’t know where to begin? Not sure what to focus on? Don’t fret! This workshop will guide you through the entire blogging process—how to create and set up a blog, where to start, and much more. You’ll learn how to drive readers and how to market your writing. Start a successful blog today and get noticed by editors and publishers. We are clubbing together the top specialists and experts from Blogging, WordPress Development, and YouTube strategies to bring excellently crafted courses for you.

Course Module

I. Getting started with Blogging
  • Identify your audience
  • Establish specific goals for your blog
  • Create a list of keywords that you will use in your pitch and for search engine optimization
  • Create a short online bio that positions your brand online
  • Learn how to brainstorm topics and research what your audience wants to read
  • Understand what makes a good blog post
  • Learn how to write for the web
  • Learn the basics of search engine optimization
  • Learn how to prioritize your time
  • How to integrate your blog with other marketing and social media efforts such as Twitter, newsletters, etc.
  • How to interact with and partner with other bloggers, including your “competition”
  • Discover ways to drive additional traffic to your site
II. Setting up Your First Blog
  • Website basics – What is a website and how it is made?
  • Blogging Basics – Options available (blogger, medium, or self-hosted)
  • How to decide on picking the right domain and hosting (Step by step guide)
  • Why WordPress?
  • Installing WordPress
  • First Blog
  • Setting and customizing theme
  • Understanding Plugins – Adding the best plugins
  • Advanced Applications
III. Social Media Analysis and Marketing
  • Show your online presence on all possible platforms
  • Analysis of the most useful social media platforms and strategies
  • How social media automation improves your audience base
  • Earn money through social media
  • Why social media is important for brands and blogs?
IV. How to Write a Quality Article
  • Learn how to write a quality article
  • Content Formatting – Advanced
  • How to avoid grammar mistakes in writing
  • How to construct a perfect sentence
  • Write a perfect and lead generating conclusion for your article
  • How to write different types of content
V. Generating Income Online
  • How to make money online
  • Monetization methods for a blog
  • Comparing different advertising platforms
  • Affiliate marketing – Effective sales and income
  • Hidden methods to make money online with a blog or YouTube channel
VI. Introduction to Digital Design
  • Introduction to Design and Design Systems
  • User acquisition and retention using design principles
  • Basics of Visual Design
  • Introduction to Contemporary Design Tools
VII. Your Own YouTube Channel – Advanced Tips on YouTube Money Making
  • YouTube Basics – How it works?
  • How to create good quality video contents?
  • Video editing for YouTube
  • YouTube Meta-tags and Uploading Process
  • YouTube SEO – How to increase video views
  • How to get money from YouTube?
VIII. Facilitation in Real life & Interaction with Reputed Bloggers and YouTubers

We have a facilitation session for the attendees to effectively test and use the skills they earned from the training sessions. They can apply the important factors from the training sessions to build up their own full-featured content blog using WordPress technology. Our industry experts will assist the candidates with proper guidance and suggestions to apply the knowledge they received from the training sessions. In addition to these, we will arrange an interaction session for the candidates to effectively communicate their thoughts, ideas, doubts, etc. to the team of experts and reputed bloggers. You can listen to their inspiring story and apply those ideas in your career too.

What you will learn from this workshop?

  • Effective techniques for writing online
  • How to set attainable goals and create a successful blog
  • How to come up with ideas and content for your blog
  • How to manage your blog effectively
  • How to create an editorial calendar to keep your content on track
  • How to interact with readers on your blog and build a sense of community
  • What search engine optimization is and how to use it to your advantage
  • Practical tips on integrating your blog with social media
  • Very useful skillset which can ensure an additional part time income and an interesting exposure in the online world
  • You will learn to set up your own blog and YouTube channel
  • You will learn how to make money online in the most effective ways

Our uniqueness: Why NowNext?

As you know there are so many workshops on different topics and similar ideas in our city. However, NowNext has something special that other workshops don’t have. We are coming with the industry’s leading bloggers and one of the most reputed web developers from the industry. Their expertise makes the workshop more special than any other similar seminars and events.

Moreover, we are providing complete full day work zones for the candidates to apply the skills they earned from our workshop. That stays as our biggest specialty. Our expert team will provide them with the guidance and the support to try out each of the portions in our course. Attendees can use and build their own commercial or other kinds of blogs using WordPress platform. We will be providing the tools and platforms to perform within the workshop schedule with the skills they earned.

Eligibility: Who can participate in this Program?

Here comes the main attraction of the workshop. Anyone with basic understanding skills can attend this workshop without a second thought. In one batch, we will include a maximum of 10 attendees. The available seats are limited and you have to register first to get into the first batch. We enforce this limitation to improve the effectiveness and the quality of our training.

It can be School students, College students, Teachers, Government employees, House wives, Company executives and more.  In addition to these, anyone who is interested in earning knowledge is welcome to our workshop. We value everyone as the same and provide the complete professional work-oriented training for each attendee.

However, we love people who are working in the same field professionally. We will make sure that you are satisfied with the course offerings and skills you receive. This is a golden opportunity for those who are from the same background and is interested in working in the same field in future. Our experts will be shaping up your skills with the most advanced technologies and techniques that are used by the famous industry leaders in each field. So, everyone is welcome to attend our workshop.

We love anyone who comes under this spectrum:

  • Anyone who wants to create a meaningful blog full of compelling content
  • Writers looking to build their online media presence and expand their author platform
  • Bloggers who have tried and failed to find a sustainable system to manage their blogs
  • School/College students who are interested in building their career in blogging and online Journalism industry
  • Housewives and unemployed people who are searching for an ideal skill set which gives a part time income and a strong career for them

Why you should attend?

Less Time

In just 14 days, you will be ready to make your own blog site

Less Effort

You just need to listen to the experts, they will guide you

Live Projects

You are not just getting trained, you will work on real projects

Getting Certified

Once you finish successfully, you are a certified candidate

Program Schedule & Fee

It is a 7-day workshop starts on Monday. During this period, our expert team will always accompany the attendees and provide them with the knowledge resources and guidance to achieve their goals.

Days Sessions
Day 1 Introduction to NowNext SEP and Getting started with Blogging
Day 2 Setting Up Your First Blog
Day 3 Writing a Quality Article
Day 4 Social Media Analysis & Marketing
Day 5 Generating Income Online
Day 6 Introduction to Digital Design and Your Own YouTube Channel
Day 7 Interaction with reputed bloggers and YouTubers & Assessment
Day 8-14 Project and Evaluation
Description Fee (in Rupees)
7-day Skill Enhancement Program with Certification 6999


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Limited seats are available and one batch will accommodate 12 candidates maximum. Enroll fast and confirm you're seats.