About Us

NowNext is an initiative of Bytekat Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is a Green Publication 100% dedicated to career wholeness where students, job seekers and entrepreneurs will get the perfect idea on what is happening around them. We showcase the articles of industry experts and strive to bring authentic news updates in the segments of Job and Education. One can follow the success mantras in their respective areas through this platform. What makes us unique is we provide content that is written by industry experts and subject matter experts who actually work in the trenches of what they write about. This is a great benefit for readers because now they have direct access to the source.

NowNext supports people when they face natural crossroads: having to choose a school, university, field of study or one from a number of employment opportunities. Also, when people begin to doubt whether they have made the appropriate choice in terms of schools, subjects, universities, careers or employers, the importance of NowNext comes into action. In fact, our postmodern career information can help invisible and unvoiced people who are desperately in need of career counselling become visible and listened to.

NowNext is a well-known network of Students, Job Seekers, Educationalists and Mentors across Kerala. From expert articles, tailored branding solutions, comprehensive digital promotions, engaging corporate video profiles, and end-to-end digital video production, we provide a whole host of innovative marketing and promotional services for entrepreneurs, corporates of all kinds and phases. Our personalized promotional campaigns and marketing videos help educational institutions make a quick and effective impact on the target audience along with creating the much-needed buzz in an easy and cost-effective manner.

It is our extreme pleasure to bring expert information from all over the world to add value to our website, by giving the information that people most desire!