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Fear is a real mental state…but a created one so it could be managed well. Fear will stop us to enjoy our life. It is a mental trap, so we should not be hooked up. Fear affects our real and original performance. Think about attending the interviews.

Certain situations the reasons behind our fear are absurd or illogical as well. Though we recognized those absurdities, we would be remaining under the clumsy hand of breathtaking fear. Some amount of fear is there with everyone which is truly human also and that helps us to behave with cautiousness, alertness, seriousness and sometimes makes us genuine too, but too much of it would break the balance and cause troubles.

Fear Management is possible by facing and fighting against it never from fleeing away. Most of the people who were afraid of the night and its darkness in their children turn out to love them very much when they become adult. They are able to manage this feeling in due course of time.

Allow time to alleviate our fear. Be patient or be normal towards it. At least stay there itself and try to be calm and figure out the real reasons and gradually try analyze to become cool. Fear is the result of strangeness, familiarity removes that. Think of the first day at the new class or the office.

Familiarity removes fear! Remember, how did we look at people we met first there and then what happened in between them and you in due course of time? Our option is limited, we need to face it or fear it, that’s all! So let’s just face it!

Greatest achievement: being fearless

– Prof Prasad Sundararajan


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