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We spend many hours on the internet each day. Most of our web activities are for entertainment and content consuming. At the same time, we are not earning anything from the web and spending our data and time for all these things. At some point, we all think that we are not worthy on internet and are wasting the time. If you think so, you are completely wrong. Because, in the global emerging web world, we are becoming the product and the internet is the market for selling the products – i.e. users.

All the content you consume from the internet are not automatically generated, everything is created by expert writers and research fellows. The time we are scrolling through the web pages, some other people are working daily to add more content for us to scroll through. That is what we called ‘Blogging.’ Blogging is nothing but, pushing regular content to the web that can be consumed by the web users or private teams. However, each and every news or other articles you read on the internet are created by hardworking bloggers. When we read them, the creators earn real money from it.

It’s ok! We are already the products and we can’t change that thing. But have you ever thought that we can also earn money from online by making regular content? Yes, we can also contribute content to the web and earn from it. In that case, we will become both sellers and products, that’s at least better than shrinking to a product of someone else.

What is blogging?

There are many definitions for blogging. In simple words, we can define it as an activity of publishing regular blog posts. But, blogging is really different and it is a highly potential opportunity for everyone. Blogging can be easily defined as a process of sharing information. When we write an article on the web, it reaches thousands of readers and helps them acquire the knowledge about that specific topic.

Become as Popular as you can, struggle hard to get more likes / reacts, shares, comments, and retweets for your posts. At one point in your life, your popularity can save someone, spread awareness, or end up as a profession.

Become an influencer, and make a change in your society. If what you ate can reach 1000s, then at least what you teach can reach 100s. That’s a good start. Share your knowledge through blog posts and spread the world. The biggest benefit of blogging is that you will actively will become a great contributor in educating the people, thereby the society.

What’s the Real Deal?

Before jumping to anything, we need to think twice about its benefits. We need to assess the outcome of that action. Talking about the blogging, benefits are eternal. As a blogger, you have many benefits including reputation, income, and most importantly the pride of helping the society and world. A blogger can influence his followers and readers. Society is made of people, so a blogger can influence a society as well.

The Money Part…

Blogging is often considered as an easy way to earn income from online. However, it is not an easy method, it’s a smart method to earn income from internet. Trust me, you will earn really good amount by just writing and marketing your articles properly. There are multiple ways to make money with a blog. It includes various monetization opportunities such as affiliate marketing, visual advertisement, sponsored posts, and various campaigns. You just need to identify your potential and influencing power. Then you will be able to find effective monetization options.

Requirements, Investment and Time Management

Many people have a misconception that getting started with a blog costs us very much. In fact, you just need Rs. 500 in your wallet to get started with your new blog. You can buy a good domain that represents your topic or the area of interest. If you research a bit on the web, you will find many ways to buy the domain names at minimum cost (usually costs Rs. 99 – 200 with discount). Then you can purchase any of the shared hosting plans from a leading hosting provider, which costs very less. Then start writing right away and build your audience. Don’t expect anything in return for at least 3 months, just focus on audience building only, everything will follow after that. That’s all about the investment.

Talking about the requirements for blogging, you just need to have a working computer or a smartphone in good condition. If you can’t afford buying a computer, you can start writing from your smartphone too. Because, the blogging field has already become popular and is accessible for everyone with internet connection. There are many good examples for successful bloggers who earn thousands of money each day from blogging with a smartphone, it is that simple. If your content and idea are very strong, you can publish it in any way. But at the same time, don’t forget to build your audience network.

Build audience…
Make money…


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