Varun Chandran 
Tech entrepreneur and social volunteer from Kerala. He is the founder and CEO of Corporate360, a fast-growing tech startup with offices in Singapore, India and US.

What do a golfer and an entrepreneur have in common? Not, much you’re probably thinking. One uses his (or her) physical ability and swing, while the other, their intuition. But as an entrepreneur and golfer, I can tell you there’s more similarities than you think.

Golfers need stability and control skills, like coordination and balance. They also require a heightened body awareness to be able to read a situation, on the spot. It’s all about control – of distance, co-ordination, force, and speed.

You can’t play the game without patience and concentration. And you won’t finish it without setting goals along the way. You’re competing against yourself, all the time. You keep your own score. It’s played with intense focus and integrity.

Both golf and business are all about having a strong mental game, and the discipline is the same in both.

Let’s take a look at three similarities between golf and entrepreneurship.

1.   There’s no one way of winning

In business, there are no perfect solutions. No one-size-fits-all. It’s not a linear journey, the same way golf isn’t. It’s about manoeuvring and achieving the impossible – like getting a tiny ball in a small hole, from afar. But you find a way. There are many calculative decisions involved.

2.   The lessons keep coming, no matter what stage you’re at

There are lessons and new insights spread across your journey in business, just like a golf course. You’re going to be challenged at times and come close to giving up. But all you can really do is judge the conditions and give it your best shot and win the game the best way you know how.

3.   Tenacity is key

The biggest connection between golf and business is that of tenacity. Focus, commitment and flexibility are the three key factors to win. Relentless focus on your goal & real-time decision-making are two important

There’s a lot entrepreneurs can learn from playing golf. Improved patience, tenacity, mindfulness, and achievement orientation. You learn that if you play intuitively, you’ll win the game – no matter how long it takes.

Golf and Football are two very different sports with a few similar entrepreneurial charecterisitics such as discipline, concentration, strategy and endurance. Golf is therefore a good sports for entrepreneurs.

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