LOSER CAN BE A LEADER or VICE VERSA- You Decide and Design it!

Thomas Zachariah 

Life Skills & English Language Coach @ BICS | Public Speaking-CRM-Placement Expert | Pep Talker | Corporate Trainer.  E-mail: [email protected]

The terms leader or loser are well connected, don’t you think so?

To me, they are closely linked in a special way!


Note the spellings of each word; start with same letter ‘L’ and at the end the two alphabet ‘ER’ are same! Right?

So between L (Life) and ER (Earning in Life), the alphabets (the personal approaches) are going to make the big difference in you as a LOSER or LEADER.

I think, the right balance of “EAD” between the L(ife) and ER(ings) will help us to transform as true LEADERS.

E- the ENTHUSIASM, EFFICIENCY, EFFECTIVENESS, EMPATHY, (Setting) EXAMPLES, as an individual makes the difference in you.

A-if you are ABLE, ACCOMMODATING, ADAPTABLE, and the with right ATTITUDE, APTITUDE and ALTITUDE as a true human being, no doubt at all.

D- if you are there with DEDICATION, DEVOTION, DETERMINATION, DISCIPLINE, and so on as an individual would make the difference.

A true leader is a perfect blend of these attributes.

Instead, the O- Overly with S- skepticism in life will make you a loser always.

As a real human, yes I agree that nobody can be a leader for all in his/her life, we may be losers many times. But in the midst of the losses in life anyone can be a true leader with enthusiasm to proceed or adding more energy to overcome the loss. With the right attitude towards the loses and persistence to have 100% dedication or determination in life would transform you as a true leader as the Phoenix!

Endnote: If cry over the spilled milk we will be double losers dear. NEVER EVER BE A DOUBLE LOSER AT ALL!

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