Thomas Zachariah 

Life Skills & English Language Coach @ BICS | Public Speaking-CRM-Placement Expert | Pep Talker | Corporate Trainer.  E-mail: [email protected]

1. The examination is an inevitable procedure to gauge our learning status so far and help us what to do further in our life so no need to be scared.

2. The primary reason for this ‘exam fear or stress’ is connected to the Result- an unwanted worry which indeed affects our confidence and healthy mindset.

3. RESULTS is a natural outcome of the exam. Let it comes its own way. It is not the end of life.

4. Manage the pressure of expectation by us or others upon our performances

5. Over-preparation also causes fear and anxiety. Adopt adequate and systematic preparation.

6. If we are under EU Stress or Positive Stress which will be absolutely normal and humane Understand. Our approach towards the exam is genuine and serious.

7. Overcome the uncontrollable stress. Due to this, we will forget the well-prepared lessons even.

8. Manage this stress; in fact, the word STRESSED could be written back as DESSERTS. Fill our heart with hopeful thoughts like courage, self-confidence, and optimism.

9. Visualize our success in detail that we want to achieve. We must have a very clear and vivid picture. Let’s get ready our mind for the desired success.

10. The proper execution of prayer and meditation are useful practices.

11. ‘Self-Counseling’ is a good way to gain and maintain confidence. Sit in a quiet atmosphere and talk to us like a close friend.

12. Practice ‘Bridging’ Persons or Object to get our mind cool at once. In this ‘Bridging’ unite your all thoughts with this person or object and get away from all distraction.

13. The day before the examination, all the required materials like the hall ticket, pens, etc., should be prepared in advance.

14. Read carefully the question paper and mark the questions in 3 ways. Well-known questions with circles, next will need a bit of musing upon them with squares and the hardest ones can be marked with triangles. Answer them in the same order as the circled will be the first as per a schedule.

15. Finally, after the examination no ‘postmortem’. This does not make any difference in our result and often affect the subsequent exam. All the best!

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